Archived Projects/Studies/Reports


2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan 

   2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

  2035 Long Range Transportation Plan

  2035 Executive Summary

  2035 Street And Highway Plan

  Appendix A - Public Involvement

  Appendix B - Agencies

  Appendix C - Model Calibration

  Appendix D - Alternatives


Alerus Center Traffic Management Plan Report

East Grand Forks ADA Transition Plan For Public Right-Of-Way

  Near Southside Traffic Study Final Report

  Grand Forks/East Grand Forks School Safety Study Review

  I-29 Traffic Operations Study

  Grand Forks Rail Access Study

  Bygland Road Study

  U.S. #2 Access Study Final Report - 2014

  U.S. Highway 2 (Gateway Drive) Access Management Study Final Report - 2006

  U.S. Highway 2 East Grand Forks, Minnesota - 1994

  Proposed New Bus Routes

  U.S.#2/U.S.Bus#2 Study Final Report

  School Crossing Study

  Merrifield Road Red River Bridge Feasibility Study

  East Grand Forks Central Avenue Corridor Study

  East Grand Forks Central Avenue Corridor Study Appendices

  Traffic Control Strategy Study - November 2008

  East Grand Forks Northwest Street Network Study Final Report

  Grand Forks Downtown Parking Study Final Report - September 2011

  Downtown Parking Study Area Map

  South Washington Street Corridor Study

  South Washington Street Corridor (Wellness) Study

  Minnesota/4th Avenue Corridor Study

  State Mill Spur Railroad Crossing Study

  Railroad Quiet Zone Assessment Report

  Grand Forks Signal Coordination Study

  Bridge Closure Study

  2009 River Fork Downtown Plan Update

  School Traffic Control Device Final Report

  Final 32nd Avenue Signal Coordination Study

  Glasston Subdivision Railroad Crossings Mitigation Study


  Grand Forks Pedestrian & Bicyclist Crash Data Analysis Presentation

  Complete Streets Workshop

  MPO Citizen's Guide For Participating In The Transportation Planning Process

  FHWA MPO 101 Presentation


  Acronym Dictionary